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When you advertise with Wardley Johnson we offer the necessary utilities to sell your item at a price that suits your needs. Not only can we obtain the correct market value of your item, we have the means necessary to let prospective buyers know of its availability at the right time.

The Wardley Johnson website is the perfect platform to sell your item, free of advertising costs and we make a guarantee that we will only request our 5% brokerage fees upon the sale of your item.

We understand that most of the items we list on our website is an investment and that you want a fair and reasonable return price. Our brokers are marketing gurus in all categories we list and will assist you in any way we can.

SAVE THOUSANDS no advertising costs
MASSIVE exposure - more buyers - more effective
EASY to set up and update
SECURE as contact details are not advertised
SUPERIOR presentation
SUPERB customer support
INSTANT advertising - details online as soon as approved

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