Brokerage Terms and Conditions
WardleyJohnson.com (WARDLEY JOHNSON) undertakes to offer the item for sale subject to this agreement for a period of 90 days from the date of signature and thereafter the agreement shall continue until terminated by either party in writing.
WARDLEY JOHNSON shall charge a brokerage fee of:-
5% on all sales
Unless otherwise arranged

The net sale price will be paid to the vendor as soon after clearance of the purchaser's payment as is practical, but only on receipt from the vendor of the signed Bill of Sale. The Bill of Sale will be forwarded to the Vendor for signing upon confirmation from the purchaser of the completion date.

The full purchase price shall be paid direct to WARDLEY JOHNSON (and cleared if paid by cheque) prior to the purchaser taking possession of the item. The net purchase price after deduction of commission shall be paid to the vendor by WARDLEY JOHNSON in the form of a cheque.

Should the item be withdrawn from sale prior to a purchase being found no charge will be made to cover advertising and marketing costs. However all other expenses such as travel expenses, must be paid for before the item is removed.
WARDLEY JOHNSON shall be notified immediately if there is any change in the asking price or location of the item, also if the item is withdrawn or sold elsewhere. In the latter case WARDLEY JOHNSON shall be advised of the full name and address of the purchaser. Commission is due to WARDLEY JOHNSON on any sale during the period of this agreement if the purchaser has been introduced by WARDLEY JOHNSON or if any negotiations were conducted between WARDLEY JOHNSON and the purchaser during that period.

WARDLEY JOHNSON cannot offer or imply any warranty to the purchaser under this agreement. The vendor is responsible for any claims for repairs or compensation from a dissatisfied purchaser should any part of the item prove unsatisfactory.

Should there be any problems with the item that have not been listed by the Vendor within this agreement that require rectification in order to effect a sale, then the cost of this rectification work shall be borne by the Vendor. No work will be carried out without the Vendor's prior knowledge.
Responsibility for maintaining, winterising, cleaning and adequately securing the item is the Vendors until the sale is complete.

Any item left in or on the item may be deemed to be included in the sale. It is the responsibility of the Vendor to remove anything not included in the sale prior to the signing of the agreement.

This agreement relates only to the WARDLEY JOHNSON brokerage service. WARDLEY JOHNSON does not accept any liability for items offered for sale either on its premises or elsewhere and is not responsible for the conduct of customers under any circumstances. The Vendor undertakes to maintain adequate comprehensive insurance while the item remains for sale.

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