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Summary - Semisubmersible Oil Rig (WJ/AR/70/226/32008)
Asking Price : GBP 6,000,000 
Year: 1966 
Location: Africa 


Built in Rotterdam in 1966, converted for production in 1974 (40,000bpd), refurbished for a project in 1990 and hot stacked since then. Removed to present location in late 2003. Drilling equipment still intact.
Draworks Continental Emsco 3000HP
Rotary National
Derrick Lee C Moore 142 x 30 x 1,000,000lbs
Cranes Linkbelt x 3 in no
Helideck UK rated "Super Puma" including fueling tanks 2 x 1000gal each
Cementing 2 x Halibuton
Power 8 x Cat D398 1 x Cat standby 219KW
Accomodation 72 person A/C Infirmary, mess room, rec room, toilets, dress room, good work shops.
Dims L 296ft x W 243.3ft x Depth 130ft (texas deck to baseline).
Mooring 4 x Appleton D2750 windlas, 8 no hyd operated chain stoppers, 8 point chain.
Class A1 Semi Sum production / drilling unit (expired will re-class).
Product 40,000bpd 3 stage single train process design derrick mounted flare.
SAFETY. 2 x 50 man Wittaker life boats
2 Caterpillar driven fire pumps
6 no Electric driven fire pumps
Gas Detection.
The rig is presently hot stacked in Africa and is for imeediate sale. The superstructure is in good order and is designed to opertae sitting on sea bed or floating. The rig will require the usual cosmetic refurbishment but on the whole is in good condition and can be used for drilling, production or accomodation. The rig has good workshop area and a large deck area, which can be used for various functions. The unit can be mobilised with very little work.
There are no drilling restrictions on this unit.

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